Wallace Tiernan Bathythermograph

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This unit is ex Australian Navy. This is a mechanical thermograph that records depth and temperature to enable the location of submarines.

“Comprises two sensors …. one in the nose responds to pressure (depth) by pushing a glass slide along the central axis of the body.  The other sensor consists of a long tube wrapped around the tail section where the fluid expands or contracts depending on the water temperature.  This is turn drives a Bourdon Tube which moves a stylus more or less at right angles to the centerline. This results in a scratch line on the smoked glass slide giving a pressure diagram from the surface down to depth and back to the surface.


  • Condition: Used
  • Type: Marine Mechanical Thermograph
  • Make: Wallace Tiernan
  • Model: Bathytermograph
  • Part: E16 (Oc-2/S ?), Deep
  • Serial: 323
  • DOM: appr 1957
  • Accessories: 2 x Spare Glass Etch Plates, Holder with Glass Plate, Orignal Wooden Case
  • Weight: 22.1kg

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