Terasaki AR440S

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“TemPower2 is the world’s first “Double Break” ACB, having two breaking contacts per phase. The unique pole structure means that the short time withstand rating (Icw, 1sec) is equal to the service short-circuit breaking capacity (Ics) for all models. Full selectivity is guaranteed up to the full system fault level. TemPower2 ACBs have the world’s smallest depth resulting in space saving in switchboards.”


  • Condition: New
  • Type: Electrical Air Circuit Breaker
  • Make: Terasaki
  • Series: Tempower2
  • Model: AR440S-4P
  • Serial: 07121-732
  • Year: Appr
  • Capacity: 4000A
  • Poles: 4 (8 Poles – 2 per phase)
  • Carriage: Not Included
  • Mount: Draw-Out
  • Terminals: Screw Types
  • OCR: AGR-Non-Auto
  • Closing: Manual Charging
  • Switch: AXR-7C
  • KeyLock: Lock In/Off, Lock In/On
  • Other: Main Cct Shutter, Control Cct Shutter, Auto Closing Spring Release, Control Cct Terminal Cover, Door Flange LP41, iP.S.856071
  • Crank: Not Included
  • Paperwork: Included
  • Packaging: original pallet
  • Weight: 100.0kg

Terasaki Tempower2 Specifications

Replacement price on this unit is approximately AUD$17,000

This unit is sold with a 30 Day Warranty.


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