Tecnicomar Ecomar6AC

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This unit is new in its original crate and was a surplus spare held by a local oil and gas company. The system uses Hydrogen Peroxide injection which does not require a sludge tank. The installation includes all three 240V pumps.

“ECOmar treats and discharges overboard disinfected sewage in compliance with international and USA regulations. Gray, black and waste water treatment. ECOmar is able to treat grey and blackwater in compliance with international standards and to render it dischageable directly into the sea, without solid residues. The chemical-physical reactions inside disinfect the waste water and reduce the sediment dimensions so that the water becomes clear and odorless and can be discharged directly overboard. At the end of every cycle, an automatic washing of the tank is made with clear sea water …….. The LCD electronic control panel with micrproceesor manages automatically all the functions of the grey and blackwater system.”


  • Condition: New
  • Type: Hydrogen Peroxide Marine Sewage Treatment System
  • Make: Tecnicomar
  • Series: ECOmar
  • Model: 6-AC (non-certified, CE only)
  • Serial: 190612EC209
  • DOM: 2012
  • Options: Sea Water Pump, Transfer Pump
  • Capacity: 2300L/day
  • Cycles: 4/hour
  • Tank: 21.4L (9L Waste, 6.3L Seawater, 15.3L Treated)
  • Voltage: 230V, 1ph, 1A
  • Pumps: 3 – Seawater, Circulation, Transfer (240V, 0.35A tot)
  • Dimensions: 500x500x680 main, 450x300x600 tank
  • Accessories: Remote Display, Asstd Plumbing, Hand Pump
  • Standards: Lloyds IMO/MARPOL #MEPC 159(55), 96/98/EC, US & Indian Coast Guard
  • Packaging: Original Crate
  • Weight: 30.0kg

Replacement price on this set is approximately AUD$26,000 (without Options)

The unit is sold with a 30 Day Warranty.



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