Steiner M750BST

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These binoculars are ex Defence Dept. The optics are in excellent condition with the right side having stadia lines.

The rubber protective housing has become sticky and falls apart when rubbed too hard so will need changing.

Please note that these are the Military version and not only laser safe but built to withstand a harsher environment.


  • Condition: Used
  • Type: Military Binoculars
  • Make: Steiner
  • Series: Military
  • Model: M750BST
  • Serial: 00320-92109
  • NSN: 6650-12-175-6738
  • Resolution: 7×50
  • FOV: 130m
  • Focus: Individual
  • Filter: OD4.0/1064nm
  • Accessories: NIl
  • Weight: 1.1kg

Replacement price on this item is approximately AUD$2200

The unit is sold with a 30 Day Warranty

Used Steiner M750BST 7x50 Military Tactical Binoculars + Ranging Stadia + Laser Filter (109) For Sale Buy Price