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Please note that these units can be changed to an LED lamp with a simple modification, however this would negate the Ratings on the unit.

“Stahl 6050 Pendant Light Fittings are ATEX and IECEx certified and suitable for use within hazardous areas Zone 1 and Zone 2. 

  • Saltwater resistant lighting made from aluminum alloy with optional coating
  • Maintenance free operation and a long service life
  • Can be supplied with either an induction or Light Emitting Diode (LED) lamp
  • Pendant light mounted with ring bolts or a mounting bracket
  • Connection box enables easy installation “


  • Condition: New
  • Type: High Pressure Sodium E40 Hazardous Area Pendant Light lite
  • Make: Stahl
  • Series: 6050
  • Model: 6050/3122-34021-000-1
  • Part: P.10.F.049 927
  • Year: 2013
  • Output: 400W HPS
  • Input: 220VAC to 254VAC
  • Accessories: Bracket & Fittngs, User Manual
  • IECEx: Gas And Dust, IECEx PTB 06.0049X, Ex de IIC T3, T4, T5, T6, Ex tD A21 IP6X T80 … T154°C
  • ATEX: Gas And Dust, PTB 03 ATEX 1096 (Zone 1), E II 2 G EEx de IIC T. (Zone 1), E II 2 D IP66 TO max. (Zone 21)
  • Dimensions: 500H x 370mm diameter
  • Housing: IP68
  • Packaging: Original
  • Weight: 37.0kg 

Replacement price on this unit is approximately AUD$3000

This unit is sold with a 30 Day Warranty.


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