Southern Technologies 2100810NG

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“On the front of the calibrated heat source is a knob that lets you select one of five delta temperatures, ranging from 126°F to 220°F. The heat source contains a heat block that can reach a combined temperature of your delta temperature and the ambient temperature. It can maintain this temperature for extended periods. The heat block is controlled by a circuit that references both ambient temperature and the temperature of the heat block, and maintains the selected differential. For example, if the ambient temperature were 85°F  (29.4°C) and the knob were set to 180°F (100°C), the heat block would be maintained at 265°F (129.4°C). Infrared scanners respond to rapid changes in infrared radiation. The  calibrated heat source accomplishes the rapid changes by employing a rotating wheel with an aperture in one side. As the wheel turns, the infrared radiation from the heat block is  shielded from the scanner until the aperture lines up with the opening in the bottom of the heat source case. The wheel rotates at 300 rpm. The calibrated heat source is placed over  the opening of the scanner cover. With the heat source in place, it is then possible to calibrate the system at a precise value above ambient temperature. “


  • Condition: Used
  • Type: Locomotive Calibrated Heat Source, Locomotive Train Rail
  • Make: Southern Technologies
  • Series: SmartSCAN-NG
  • Model: 2100810NG-12724-044
  • Weight: 4.4kg

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