Saimo PLR202DJ

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“Saimo Model PLR20-2D Safety Pull Switch is designed to shutdown a conveyor system in the event of an emergency or maintenance. When the force is applied to the cable, the actuator arm rotates and locks it in the alarm position; this activates two (2) SPDT micro switches and the manual lock out. The switch can be reset by pressing down on the arm and releasing the manual reset lever.”


  • Condition: New
  • Type: Conveyor Safety Pull Switch, Emergency Stop
  • Make: Saimo
  • Model: PLR20-2D-J
  • Serial: LX110947
  • Contact: 15A@115/230VAC, 30VDC, non-inductive
  • Output: 2 x SPDT, alarm & Shutdown
  • Actuation: 20deg
  • Enclosure: Aluminium
  • Accessories: Nil
  • Packaging: Original
  • Weight: 3.3kg

Replacement price on this unit is approximately AUD$

The unit is sold with a 30 Day Warranty.

New Saimo PLR20-2D-J Conveyor Safety Pull Emergency Switch