National Instruments cFPCB1

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  • Condition: Used
  • Type: Integrated Block for Wiring to CompactPoint
  • Make: National Instruments NI
  • Model: cFP-CB-1
  • Product: 778618-01
  • Mounts to backplane between I/O modules
  • Easy wiring with color-coded terminals for voltage and common connections
  • Built-in strain relief and slots for wire ties
  • One cFP-CB-1 is required for each Compact FieldPoint I/O module
  • Weight: 0.5kg

Replacement price of this unit is approximately AUD$250

The unit is sold with a Works on Arrival Warranty.

  • 16-bit resolution, 50/60 Hz noise rejection
  • 16 voltage inputs
  • Input range and filter software configurable per channel
  • Measures 60 mV to 10 V signals — unipolar and bipolar
  • HotPnP (plug-and-play) operation
  • -40 to 70 °C operating range
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