Meyco Penetrometer

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” …. Current tests are based on needle penetration or nail extraction. In the first range from 0 to 1 MPa equivalent a MEYCO penetrometer may be used, which consists of a cylinder containing a piston and calibrated spring, and ending with a needle (see Figure 3-38). The compression of the spring after insertion of the ring can be measured, indicating the resistance to penetration.”


  • Condition: Used
  • Type: Needle Hammer Penetrometer for Shotcrete Concrete
  • Make: BASF, Meyco
  • Model: 0075001
  • Range: 0.2N/mm2 to 1.0N/mm2
  • Calibration: Chart Included
  • Accessories: 12 x Spare Needles, Aluminium Case,
  • Weight: 9.2g

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Used BASF Meyco Concrete Needle Penetrometer for Shotcrete