Melles Griot 17MDS002

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“The Melles Griot 17 MDS 002 and 17 MDU 002 are designed to drive and control up to 16 stepper motors. The 17 MDU 002 master drive unit controls two axes of motion. Further axes can be driven by the addition of one or more 17 MDS one- or two-axis slave units, connected in series with the master unit. The complex operations of the stepper actuators are controlled by embedded software within the primary and satellite processors. A simple communications protocol provides user access to positioning functions. Furthermore, the software automatically compensates for positioning errors, producing an accuracy comparable to that of a linear encoder system. Each channel of the controller is equipped with a motor isolation switch to allow easy manual adjustment of the stepper motor.


  • Condition: Used
  • Type: Nanostep Slave Control Unit
  • Make: Melles Griot
  • Model: 17MDS002
  • Serial: 46867
  • Axis: 2
  • Interface: IEEE-488
  • Input: 115/230VAC
  • Weight: 8.0kg

Replacement price on this unit is approximately AUD$3500

The unit is sold with a 30 Day Warranty


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