Instantel MiniMate Pro4

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• Instantel Histogram Combo™ mode allows capture of full waveform records while recording in histogram mode.
• Auto Call Home feature automates remote monitoring applications.
• Sample rates from 1,024 to 4,096 S/s, per channel with up to 65,000 S/s available on a single channel.
• Available Instantel 8-channel option allows for two standard geophones and two microphones to be operated from one Minimate Plus monitor.
• Non-volatile memory with standard 300-event storage capacity (optional 1,500-event capacity).
• Records waveform events up to 100 seconds long with standard setup, or up to 500 seconds with advanced setup.
• Continuous monitoring means zero dead time, even while the unit is processing.
• Αny channel can be matched to a wide variety of sensors – geophones, accelerometers, or hydrophones.”


  • Condition: Used
  • Type: Seismograph
  • Make: Instantel
  • Model: Minimate Pro4
  • Serial: MP13243
  • Part: 720A2301
  • Channels: 4
  • Memory: 64MB
  • Fware: 10-V, 10.40
  • Splitter: Part# 720A5501, Series IV, 3-Way,
  • Adapters: 2 x 720A4901 Series IV Uniaxial Accelerometer Adapters
  • Accelerometers: 2 x ICP 603C00, 10mV/G, 0.5-10kHz, 0.5-10,000Hz, +/- 500G
  • Calibration: 2014 (been in storage since 2014)
  • Accessories: Hard Case
  • Weight: 8.8kg

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Used Instantel Minimate Pro4 720A2301 with Accelerometers