Honeywell DR4300

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“​The DR4300 10″ circular chart recorder is a one- or two-pen microprocessor-based recorder that can handle a variety of process parameters from devices such as temperature, humidity, pressure and flow transmitters. It uses preprinted charts and fiber tip pens and is available with and without a digital display. Easy to operate and maintain, it is ideal for most process recording applications that can be handled by low-cost analog recorders. The Basic DR4300 has a typical accuracy of 0.50%, while the DR4300 recorder with display can be field calibrated to improve the typical accuracy to 0.2%. This circular chart recorder also supports PID control and alarming for those processes that require both recording and control in a single device.”


  • Condition: Used
  • Type: Circular Chart Recorder
  • Make: Honeywell
  • Series: DR4300
  • Model: DR4322-0000-G0100-0000-0000-00-000-00
  • Serial: 15W22C4000000935409
  • Input: 100-240VAC, 28W
  • Temp: 0-55C
  • Accessories: Nil
  • Weight: 5.4Kg

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