Emtek EMT502

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“The TM916 is a two channel handed and digital thermometer with K type thermocouples input in order to measure temperatures within -50°C and 1230°C (-50° to 1999°F). Are available on the instrument two inputs to measure two temperatures at the same time, commutators to select the resolution (0.1 or 1 °C/°F) and the measure unit (°C/°F ) wanted. The wide range of temperatures probes available, its small dimensions and the ease to employ ment, make the TM916 a thermometer that can be employed in laboratories, in seasonings, processing etc. industries (air, immersion, contact etc. measures).


  • Condition: New
  • Type: Dual Channel Thermometer
  • Make: Emtek Lutron
  • Model: EMT520, TM916
  • Range: -50C to 1230C
  • Functions: Max/Min/Recall/Hold/Differential
  • Power: 9V Battery
  • Weight: 0.4kg

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