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“Learn how to manage fatigue with the Driver Safety System, a non-intrusive, in-cab fatigue detection technology that instantly alerts operators the moment fatigue or distraction is identified. The fatigue technology works by monitoring eye-closure duration and head pose. If the Driver Safety System detects a fatigue or distraction event the operator is immediately alerted through configurable in-vehicle seat vibration and / or audio alarm.


  • Provides real-time driver fatigue intervention for tired operators
  • Links education with action for driver fatigue awareness and behavior change
  • Seamless integration into mixed truck fleets
  • Allows operators to focus on their job by eliminating requirements to interact with the system
  • Alerts operators to extended distraction events to improve safe driving
  • Customized data and reporting for continuous improvement and safety education site-wide
  • Live data analysis provided by the Fleet Monitoring Centre*”


  • Condition: Used
  • Type: Visual Monitoring Computer
  • Make: DSS Seeing Machines
  • Series: IVS
  • Model: DS-ENCL-V012
  • Serial: 00000334
  • Part: 01020-01201–DC-0414
  • Input: 12-360VDC 100W
  • Accessories: Nil
  • Weight: 4.6kg

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