Druck ADTS405

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The test set is surplus equipment from the F18 Boeing/Defence Department contract. The calibrator powers on, self-tests, warms up and programs correctly but is out of calibration.

“The ADTS 405 is the latest in a series of reliable, high accuracy, air data test systems. The rugged, compact design has evolved as a result of GE Druck’s continuous research and development, customer feedback and experience gained from manufacturing thousands of automatic pressure controllers. This has enabled performance, maintainability, and operational simplicity to be optimised. The ADTS 405 is a twin-channel Ps and Pt pressure control system used for the precision calibration/verification of aircraft pitot statics, compliant with RVSM (Reduced Vertical Separation Minima) requirements.”


  • Condition: Used
  • Type: Pitot Static Air Data Test Set
  • Make: Druck
  • Model: ADTS-405
  • Serial: A1728/0507
  • NSN: 4920-66-138-3293
  • DOM: 2007
  • Pump Hours: 1760
  • LastCal: Feb 2019 on sticker, Jan18 in machine memory
  • Fware: V4.23
  • Options: DC Input, Bench Case,Internal Pressure Vacuum Unit, IEEE-488, ARINC-429
  • Remote: ADTS405-1891-21, DOM 2008, Serial# 2882580
  • Altitude: -3,000′ to 80,000′ to 1′ resolution
  • Static: 35mb to 1355mb
  • Airspeed: 10kts to 850kts
  • Pitot: 35mb to 2700mb
  • ROC:  ‘ to 6,000’/min to 1’ resolution
  • EPR: 0.1 to 10
  • Accessories: AC Cable, 2 x Cables
  • AC Input: 90 to 260VAC
  • DC Input: 28VDC
  • Dimensions: 762L x 320W x 480H
  • Weight: 34.0kg

Video of Startup

Druck ADTS-405 Brochure

This unit is sold with a 30 Day Warranty.

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