Datawell RXD2

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“The RX-D is a dedicated HF link receiver that supports Datawell Waverider buoys fitted with the standard HF transmitter using the “HXV” transmission format. The HXV format is used by all buoys, except the DWR4 buoy. The RX-D is therefore not compatible with the DWR4. The RX-D is tuned to a single frequency by a crystal. The crystal can be custom made to allow reception of any frequency between 25.5 and 35.5 MHz. The receiver is pre-tuned at the factory but can be retuned later by Datawell to allow reception of other frequencies. The RX-D is especially designed for single buoy applications or for use on fixed receiving locations where the reception frequency does not have to be changed often. To ensure the best reception possible, the RX-D uses a completely linear signal processing chain that does not  distort the signal like traditional FSK receivers. This makes the RX-D relatively resistant against near-band interference and noise signals. The RX-D is supported by the W@ves21 software package and the new Waves4 package.The RX-D comes standard as a compact desktop
 model. Alternatively, the RX-D is available as a 19”rack-mount model with the same specifications.


  • Condition: New
  • Type: Ocean Buoy Monitoring System
  • Make: Datawell
  • Series: Waverider Receiver
  • Model: RX-D2
  • Serial: 45375
  • Freq: 25.5MHz to 35.5MHz
  • Fware: 45M01B01
  • Input: 100-230VAC, 3W
  • Compatability: Directional Waverider MkI, MkII, MkIII, DWR-G and WR-SG
  • Weight: 1.8kg

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