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“The CM2 towfish incorporates dual frequency operation, with a choice of two configurations, DF (100/325kHz) and EDF (325/780kHz). For general survey tasks DF towfish are often the most useful. In 100kHz mode the search swath is up to 1000m wide, useful for searching for larger objects such as wrecks or freight containers. In 325kHz mode it is usually possible to distinguish such objects as mooring ropes, anchor chain, anchors, scour marks, pilings, crab pots, rocks (down to the size of a briefcase or less), as well as differences in seabed texture. EDF towfish offer the highest resolution. Like the DF towfish they offer 325kHz operation out to 150m. The EDF’s 780kHz frequency gives the most detailed images, very useful for positively identifying an object first located at 325kHz.

  • Digitally controlled dynamically-optimised gain profile
  • Automatic towfish altitude measurement
  • Seabed proximity alarm
  • Breakaway mechanism with a safety link
  • Adjustable depression angle for the transducers
  • Water temperature sensor”


  • Condition: New
  • Type: Digital Side Scanning Sonar
  • Make: C-Max
  • Model: CM2-FSH-EDF
  • Serial: 14978
  • Freq: 325kHz, 780kHz CHIRP
  • Range 325kHz: 25.4(25m); 13.8(50m); 9.4(75m); 7.2(100m); 4.8(150m)
  • Range 780kHz: 7.2(100m); 3.7(200m); 2.45(300m); 1.85(400m); 1.49(500m)
  • Array: 0.41m at 325kHz & 100kHz; 0.3m at 780kHz horizontal 0.3º at 325kHz; 1.0º at 100kHz; 0.2º at 780kHz vertical, full coverage -5º left through -90º to -5º right
  • Resolution: 18mm at 780kHz; 39mm at 325kHz (18mm at 25m range)
  • Beam Depression: 10º or 20º, adjustable without tools (max sensitivity axis)
  • Capacity: 0-2000m, 1-8kts operating, 12kts max
  • Accessories: Hard Case,
  • Weight: 27.0kg

Replacement price on this unit is approximately AUD$25,000

This unit is sold with a 30 Day Warranty.

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