Balzers PMP02090

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“… Turbomolecular Drag Pump has a pumping velocity of 55 liters per second and a final pressure of 1 x 10-7. It has been thoroughly examined and is ready for broad range of applications within the research and industrial industries. A turbopump is a gas turbine that is made up of two independent components ; a rotodynamic pump and a driving turbine. They can be mounted on the same shaft or customarily geared together. The design of a turbopump is to produce a high pressure fluid for feeding a combustion chamber or other use. A turbomolecular pump is a form of vacuum pump similar to a turbopump which is used to obtain and hold a high vacuum. These pumps work on the principle that gas particles can be given momentum in a wanted direction by reiterated collision with a traveling solid surface. In a turbomolecular pump, a quickly spinning turbine rotor ‘strikes’ gas particles from the intake of the pump towards the exhaust in order to make or hold a vacuum.”


  • Condition: Used
  • Type: Turbo Molecular Pump
  • Make: Balzers, Pfeiffer
  • Series: TPH-055
  • Model: PM-P02-090
  • Serial: 12176823
  • Flange: DN 63 ISO-K 2P
  • Flow S(N2): 56 L/S
  • Accessories: PM-011-501-T x 1m, TSF-012 Solenoid
  • Removed From: VG Gas Analysis Systems Sentinel Industrial Mass Spectrometer
  • Weight: 3.9Kg

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