ABB WaterMaster

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“The Electromagnetic Flowmeter WaterMaster V is the ultimate solution for flow measurement and management in sectors as diverse as water, waste water, sewage and effluent. Its performance adheres to the most stringent global industry standards and is certified to key international approvals. Proven in the toughest applications, WaterMaster’s rugged, robust and buriable sensors eliminate the need of expensive meter chambers. Thereby, it provides a long, productive and maintenance-free asset life. Take advantage of its innovative and versatile attributes to achieve interoperability within a wide range of asset management systems.”


  • Condition: New
  • Type: ElectroMagnetic Flow Meter
  • Make: ABB
  • Series: WaterMaster
  • Model: FEV181150V1S4E4B1B1A0A2A0Y0.F5.M5.V3.CWA
  • Serial: 3K220000145550 (or ***551)
  • Year: 2012
  • Size: 150mm
  • Comms: Modbus
  • Accessories: Rings
  • Documentation: Yes
  • Calibration: Aug12 to 210m3/hr
  • Weight: 41.0kg

ABB WaterMaster User Manual

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The unit is sold with a 30 Day Warranty.

New ABB WaterMaster FEV181150V1S4E4B1B1A0A2A0Y0.F5.M5.V3.CWA 150mm Flow Meter flowmeter FEV181 For Sale Buy Price