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Type PTSD pressure transmitters use an electrically isolated differential reluctance cell as the sensing device. The cell has two half-shells clasping a measuring diaphragm, centered and welded at the edges under stress. A core is welded to each side and at the center of the diaphragm. Two inductive coils are at each side of the cores in the two half-shells. Two welded walls isolate them from the fill fluid. Two isolating diaphragms, welded to the edges, isolate the measuring diaphragm to protect against  corrosion and overloads.  A  welded housing protects the cell from the surroundings.  The cell used for measuring absolute pressure has a vacuum sealed reference chamber. The pressure, transmitted by the isolating diaphragms and fill fluid, moves the measuring diaphragm. An AC voltage excites the two series coils. The mid point voltage of these coils varies as a function of the movement of the magnetic cores welded to the measuring diaphragm.


  • Condition: New
  • Type: Differential Pressure Transmitter
  • Make: ABB
  • Series: PTS
  • Model: PTSDDA122A-3
  • Serial:  0G239121
  • Span: 1.5kPa, 15mbar
  • Press: 2MPa, 20bar max
  • Input: 12 – 33V
  • Output: 4-20mA
  • Adapter: 15mbar, SI oil, HC Diaphragm, serial 239121
  • Options: Bracket Kit, User Manual, Inspection report
  • Weight: 6.0kg

The unit is sold with a 30 Day Warranty.

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