3B6 ACQ1310

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“ACQ cable reel family is a series of products for length measuring from 8 to 17 mt. Its mechanical design has been studied for harsh environments and long endurance, typical of telescopic boom cranes. It is a basic part of a safety system, thanks to its high MTTF value, and it has different sensor configurations for different applications. This can be provided of an additional slip ring connection, to carry electrical signals, ideal for end of stroke switches at boom top. Typical applications are small crane boom length measurement, or first boom for big cranes or telehandlers.”


  • Condition: Used
  • Type: Scheda ACQ 1Sf.inv+1Asa An.coll Boom Cable Reel
  • Make: 3B6
  • Model: ACQ-1310
  • Part: 60.45.490106/10
  • Length: 13m, 42′
  • Weight: 2.8kg

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Used 3B6 ACQ-13/10 Crane Cable Reel Scheda ACQ 1Sf.inv+1Asa An.coll